About Christina

Christina Saldanha, PA-C, MSCP, PMH-C, CSC, IF

Christina Saldanha is a writer, speaker, and PA. She has been passionate about women’s health her whole life. Her passion for women’s health is deep-seeded in empowering women through taking control over their mental, physical, and sexual health. She had a non-traditional path to medicine, which gives her a unique and open mindset to patient treatment. In her early 20s she did a lot of traveling abroad and spent several summers volunteering in India and Ethiopia taking care of women and children. Her interest in human interaction and culture was really fostered on these volunteer assignments, as well as her love for yoga. She completed undergrad, went to graduate school, and then became a hot yoga instructor. Her experience with yoga, meditation and breathwork adds a unique perspective for treating many of life’s challenges. She has professional experience in gynecologic oncology and family medicine.

She went on to complete additional trainings with North American Menopause Society, University of Michigan Sexual Health Counseling Program, trainings with the International Society for the Study of of Women's Sexual Health, Postpartum Support International peripartum mood disorders and psychopharmacology training, as well as psychopharmacology training with Mass General Hospital. 

When she is not practicing yoga or medicine, she enjoys spending time with her children whom she feels are her biggest teachers. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling as a family, spending time outdoors.

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